Special status for goa and indian

Parrikar had said that since Parliament is in session, a delegation of Goan legislators should go to the Centre and discuss and evolve a solution to the special status issue after the session ended.

Jul 31,For the last few years, the talks of seeking special status for Goa have been doing the rounds in the political and social circles in the state, which has been facing challenges stemming from rapid in-migration, shrinking land resources and a resultant dilution of identity.

The construct of a lasting residential position as a footing for harmonizing particular privileges to occupants of an country is no alien to Indian administration. Romi Konkani will thrive. Many of the politicians elected to the government simultaneously run or influence major corporations and thus taking advantage of the peaceful Hindu-Goan culture, have legalised "black money" laundering through casinos and other anti-cultural activities like real-estate by non-local firms and deforestation with no regard for the environment despite signing international climate agreements with commitments to protect the environment.

Later, inNehru stated that Goa would be allowed special benefits and would be treated as a special category state. The Mormugao harbour on the mouth of the River Zuari is one of the best natural harbours in South Asia.

A discussion over the amendment to Article i of the Indian Constitution was deliberated upon. Neither the thought that the ownership of immoveable belongings rights should be confined to certain people in certain countries. During the discussions, it was recalled that in Jawaharlal Nehru had stated that Goa would not be annexed by force.

Goa Special Status

Goans and hopefully every decent human being are more cultural than religious in this age. It was resolved that the threat from the migrant Lamanis and Kashmiris be dealt with by the village panchayat with help from local police. Goa is a part of the coastal country known as the Konkanwhich is an escarpment rising up to the Western Ghats range of mountains, which separate it from the Deccan Plateau.

The concept of a permanent residential status as a basis for according special privileges to residents of an area is no stranger to Indian governance. Prime Minister Jawarlal Nehru had in promised to Goans that it is in the interest of the Indian Nation that Portuguese must go and that Goans will not be brought into the Indian Union through Coercion[ citation needed ].

Unfortunately, Indonesia failed the test in the case of Timor, largely made difficult by a neighbor with eye on rich oil resources and the former colonial power to compensate for its past failure.

As a full-fledged State of the Indian Union it has to only convince the Union government that the ground of its legitimacy as a State is doomed without the Special Status which may empower the State Government to adopt legal instruments to safeguard its cultural and territorial identity and integrity, the ground of its Statehood.

Although popularly called an opinion pollit was in fact, a referendumas the results of the poll were binding on the government of India. However Konkani is taught in present day schools in Deva-Nagari script.

Share Via Email Published: Parrikar deserves congratulations for his enterprises. The simple Goans preferred the Portuguese as cultural partners due to their simplicity and organised methods of governance and helping to improve the Hindu Culture and environment to the best of their ability with good values.

The clip is mature. There is no provision in the Constitution of India to grant special status" April 16, The day monsoon session of the Goa legislative assembly is scheduled to begin from July Climate[ edit ] Dudhsagar Falls on the Goa-Karnataka border. Strict censorship policies required any material containing printed words, including invitation cards, to be submitted to a censorship committee for screening.

Such policies exist throughout the Northeast and tribal countries. Particular commissariats were produced under Articles A for Nagaland. Over the last couple of years, top BJP national leaders have also rejected the possibility of Goa being granted special status through a constitutional amendment.

It was unanimously resolved that the resolution be forwarded to the state government to be handed over to the Centre and to pursue it strongly with the Government of India.

‘Special Category Status’ is the new catch phrase

The issue of special status had been raised by all the major political parties in Goa, including the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP and Congress, in the run-up to the state Assembly polls and the Lok Sabha elections.

Further inland and along the riverbanks, the soil is mostly alluvial and loamy.

Special Status for Goa and Indian Federalism Essay Sample

Unfortunately these suspecting "intellectuals" do not respect private nor public property rights in the region with the endorsement of the local politicians.

In a written reply to a question raised by Goa Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik, the minister said that the demand for grant of special status to Goa "has not been found justifiable and hence not agreed to". The issue of special status had been raised by all the major political parties in Goa, including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress, in the run-up to the state Assembly polls.

Special Status for Goa and Indian Federalism Essay Sample

Goa / ˈ ɡ oʊ. ə / (listen) is a state in India within the coastal region known as the Konkan, in Western India. It is bounded by Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south, with the Arabian Sea forming its Western coast.

It is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by schmidt-grafikdesign.com has the highest GDP per capita among all. Special Status for Goa and Indian Federalism Essay Sample Time may be mature for Goans to demand Particular Status to Goa.

by seeking amendment of the Article one time once more to fulfill their demand. The State Legislature of Goa on Apr unanimously passed a resolution requesting the Indian government to grant a ‘Special Status’ to Goa under Article of the Indian Constitution. The Goa Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar, on this day, stated in the House, that out of Goa’s total 3, sq kms of land, only sq kms were left.

Special Status for Goa and Indian Federalism Essay Sample. Time may be ripe for Goans to demand Special Status to Goa, by seeking amendment of the Article once again to satisfy their demand. Sep 19,  · special status for Goa News: Latest and Breaking News on special status for Goa.

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Special status for goa and indian
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