What are the advantages of exclusive distribution over intensive distribution

The firm also hopes to get the benefit of aggressive selling by such outlets. Distribution to the retailer is handled by the agent, and in such a scenario, the firm has to trust the middleman, which could be a little risky in certain situations.

Hence, on the one hand these brands are available in restaurants and five star hotels and on the other hand they are also available through countless soft drink stalls, kiosks, sweetmarts, tea shops, and so on. To sum it up: Intensive distribution is a kind of marketing strategy that focuses on maximizing product availability.

Advantages Product Awareness Since the products are available everywhere practicallyconsumers are aware of the same. Or, perhaps a free product is offered on the purchase of another product, etc. For example, Pepsi-Cola is a brand that is seen everywhere and is recognized by everyone.

This alternative involves all the possible outlets that can be used to distribute the product.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Distribution?

Exclusive distribution means that a distributor has unique rights to distribute your book: It is very difficult to get a promotion done eg.

Here, soft drink firms distribute their brands through multiple outlets to ensure their easy availability to the customer. Advantages of Intensive Distribution The best practice of intensive distribution is to choose a product that corresponds with everyday needs.

Selective distribution can help the manufacturer gain optimum market coverage and more control but at a lesser cost than intensive distribution. Increased Sales and Earnings FMCGs and similar products are frequently used; therefore they are produced in a huge amount.

When the firm distributes its brand through just one or two major outlets in the market, who exclusively deal in it and not all competing brands, it is said that the firm is using an exclusive distribution strategy. To sum it up: The exclusive deal also has advantages for the suppliers.

Difficulty in Managing Retailers The number of retail locations is spread over a large area, and sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage such a huge number of retail outlets. Because, particularly, these products are available everywhere.

Types of Distribution: Intensive, Selective and Exclusive Distribution

An exclusive agreement like KU will only last for a couple of months. Your book will be available to readers from all over the world depending on which stores you send it in to. Advantages of intensive distribution. The advantage of applying an intensive distribution strategy is in generating revenue, product awareness and pushing for impulse buying.

As more products are sold, more money is earned. As more locations carry the products, the more opportunities there are for manufacturers to make profit. Exclusive distribution, as the name suggests, is a type of distribution where the company ties up exclusively with a distributor.

Exclusive distribution is an agreement between a distributor and a manufacturer that the manufacturer will not sell the product to anyone else except the exclusive distributor.

There are three main types of distribution strategies―intensive, selective, and exclusive strategies. The paragraphs below will explain the characteristics of the intensive distribution strategy along with its pros and cons. A Presentation about the Distribution Strategies (Exclusive, Intensive and Selective distribution).

Cooperating with Mrs. Mengzhen Wan and Mrs. Tao Yi. Agenda Exclusive distribution Intensive distribution Selective distribution Advantages Disadvantages Difficult for enterprises to achieve a variety of business objectives in relaxed. Distribution. An exclusive distribution channel allows a business to optimize its supply chain and achieve maximum efficiency.

For example, suppose a manufacturer currently contracts with a third party to deliver its products to retail stores. Alternatives to exclusive distribution: definition of intensive and selective distribution At this point of the article you are probably wondering that what are your options if you don’t want to go for KDP Select (or, at least, not with all of your books).

Intensive Distribution: Definition, Strategy & Examples What are the advantages of exclusive distribution over intensive distribution
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What are the advantages of exclusive distribution to supplier